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Whether you are an MRP Player, PlayerMentor, family member or supporter of our MRP community, make sure you Click Here! to learn essential information about why we developed GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP).

For anyone interested in being part of our community to powe...
Meet 3 awesome GingerCloud MRP Women!

GingerCloud Foundation Modified Rugby Program (MRP) celebrated International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March.

So, to celebrate International Women’s Day with our GingerCloud MRP Community, we want to introduce you to three awesome women within the GingerCloud Foundation. 

These three young women are making an impact on the world we live in, a deep, long lasting one that will be felt by others for years.

True leadership means to inspire, to encourage, and to support through not only your words, but your actions.  These women certainly do that.

These amazing women are everything that makes GingerCloud successful.

Our focus is on sharing girls, boys and young adults with Autism, Aspergers and learning and perceptual disabilities greatness, not their limitations.

The sun was shining on our 2021 Community Welcome Day!

The sun was shining and the fields were prepped for our 2021 GingerCloud MRP Community Welcome Day Mini Carnival.

Our MRP Tribe arrived Sunday morning with huge smiles, laced up footy boots and the desire to get out on the field and play some rugby - the game we all love.

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How to find GingerCloud MRP Key Calendar Dates & Key Communications for 2021

Stay in the Know!

Here is a snapshot of where you will receive and find,

  • Communications with GingerCloud’s MRP for the 2021 Season
  • Key Calender Dates for the 2021 Season

Please email if you would like more information.

Let’s make sure you all stay in the know!

See you on the field.


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Celebrating Milestones with our GingerCloud Community!

This is the first of our Celebrating Milestones Series, where we will be showcasing our young people's successes no matter how large or small.

So we need you to help us share these stories!

If your family would like to get involved and showcase your young person's milestones and successes, please send an email to Fiona, Marketing and Project Support

By sharing what's awesome about young people with Autism, Aspergers and learning and perceptual disabilities our communities will understand and experience the value that they contribute.

Your GingerCloud Team is Back in the Office & Registrations are OPEN!


We are all so happy to be back in 2021 and fingers crossed it will be a great year for us all. GingerCloud Foundation has some exciting news this year with new team members, office renovations and new Clubs joining us, watch this space to keep in the know!

Please, also check you are following us...

GingerCloud's 2nd Inspiring Work Experience Opportunity


Last Friday 18th December, some of our fantastic MRP Players found themselves called back into the kitchen by Matt and Simon at Ruggers Restaurant.

Rowland were having their Christmas party and graciously invited 6 of our MRP participants to lend a hand in the kitchen, prepping, plating meals an...

Merry Christmas from The GingerCloud MRP Team


Thank you to everyone for your unwavering support this year.  It was a year that we will remember, a year full of uncertainty, yet one we all embraced with strength.

To see the MRP community back on the field for an Adapted MRP, with smiles and positivity was a highlight for the GC team this yea...

A Special Team Effort!



GingerCloud Foundation's Community Achievement Awards Evening 2020

On Friday the 27th of November, our GingerCloud team came together for the Community Achievement Awards 2020 presentation. GingerCloud was a finalist in the 2020 Community Group of the Year Award and whilst we anxiously wai...
Powering Inclusion Together, our impact so far!


At GingerCloud, we’re celebrating greatness in every child. We create a world where girls, boys and young adults with Autism, Aspergers or learning and perceptual disabilities and their families can live their best lives. So everything we do is to advance the health and wellbeing of our community...