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Leadership Thursday: Being Authentic

Being Authentic

 The MRP is 100% the real deal. It’s all about being authentic, which is something that we aim for our PlayerMentors to be both on and off the field. This week is Week 5, so we are officially half way through the GingerCloud Leadership Program.


We absolutely love reading all your responses to the weekly GingerCloud Leadership Program’s questions! To all our PlayerMentors, you are both inspiring and devoted!


To celebrate each and every one of you, we have selected another ‘Response of the Week’ for last week’s topic, Building Trust:

Q&A Tuesday with Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson, proud parent of Will Thomspon, one of our Brothers MRP Players, has truly embraced what the MRP is all about. Welcomed into the world-first program this year, Jess is thrilled with the positive impact it has had on Will and her family. Previously, Will had never been involved in a program, sports or otherwise, but with the guidance and support of his PlayerMentor Ben, Will has a new-found confidence and realised his potential in contributing to a team.

Jess Thompson offered a heart-warming and relatable account of both her and Will’s experience and involvement with the MRP. 


Suncorp Saturday - What a Night!

It was certainly Super Saturday on the weekend.


Suncorp Saturday was nothing short of amazing! Proud was an understatement. And it was all due to the ongoing support of the St. George Queensland Reds for the fourth year in a row – it has only gotten bigger and better!

Leadership Thursday: Building Trust

Building and maintaining trust is at the core of Leadership. And our PlayerMentors are learning the four key elements of this fundamental quality delivered by the GingerCloud Leadership Program this week!

Let's hear from our very own MRP Ambassador, Andrew Ready, for his insights. 


Q&A Tuesday with Lincoln Rosiak

The MRP are proud to have Lincoln Rosiak as coach of the MRP 7s Red at Redlands Rugby this season. Lincoln is an asset to the MRP family as he has continued to contribute to the lives of the MRP Players both on and off the field.


We spoke to Lincoln to get his perspective on the program.

Mid-Season Update

Hi everyone,

It's hard to believe that we're into Week 6 of the MRP already! What an amazing season it has been so far. Thank you to everyone across all our Clubs for your support.

Leadership Thursday: Gratitude

 “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

 Often, gratitude goes unnoticed.

 But the GingerCloud Leadership Program believes it is an integral part of everyday life and an important attribute within a team structure, creating positivity and unity – what the MRP is all about!

Club Feature: Norths Rugby

Elias Power, coach of MRP Blue at Norths Rugby Club, joined the MRP this season. Elias has recently completed a Dual Degree of a Bachelor of Sport Exercise Science and Sports Management and a Graduate Diploma in Education, aiding his coaching ability and understanding towards children with learning and perceptual disabilities.

We spoke to Elias to get his insight on the MRP. 


Q&A Tuesday with Jack Tuttle

The MRP are proud to have a plethora of specially qualified and trained coaches and Jack Tuttle is one of them. Jack was introduced to the program last year and is a proud coach of the MRP 7’s Red at Brothers Rugby Club for the 2018 season.

We spoke to Jack to get the ins and the outs of the MRP.


Leadership Thursday: Consistent Behaviour and Listening

A shout out to our PlayerMentors who are getting stuck into the GingerCloud Leadership Program towards learning the ins and out of our specifically developed rugby game for girls and boys with learning and perceptual disabilities, and putting it into practice. The PlayerMentors learnt Consistent Behaviour last week (Week 1) and were taught the importance of Listening this week, presented via video by our very own MRP Ambassador Tim Horan.