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Let's Get Started on Skype


All MRP, Club and Team communication will be distributed through Skype.

Team members are encouraged to communicate via Skype to stay in-the-know of their Team’s happenings.

Skype operates just like most messaging platforms and will provide you with alerts when a message is received.

Follow this step-by-step guide to join the MRP’s conversations. 


Step 1: Download

Skype is free and can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC via

Once downloaded, this is what you will see: 



Step 2: Sign In or Create Account

From there, click ‘Let’s go’ to sign into your existing account or simply create a new one. 

Once logged in, your dashboard will appear. 

Please note you will need to contact GIngerCloud MRP Team to get your Team Skype Link.



Step 3: Accept MRP Group Invitation

Next, once you have added the MRP please wait for them to accept your requst then they will add you into your Club adn team Group Chat.

This group will be your MRP Team and will include all of your team members: from Coaches to Team Managers, MRP Players’ parents to PlayerMentors and their parents. All you have to do is accept the invitation.

And it’s as easy as that! Now you can join in on all your Team conversations. Whether you’re running late, cannot make a game, need to carpool (and everything in between), this group will be the easiest way to not only get into contact with each other but also get to know one another.