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Meet 3 awesome GingerCloud MRP Women!



My name is Josie and I have the privilege of coaching at Wests in 2021.

Since starting as a player mentor last year, I have learnt many things about myself, my players, their families and about the importance of inclusion.

 I believe there is a great power in things that make you feel like you belong; the sense of connection, comradery, and mutual respect, all which make the Modified Rugby Program such a positive environment for all involved.

 Being in my second year of Physiotherapy at ACU, my involvement with MRP has allowed me to gain great insight into key skills to be able to effectively communicate and gain trust.

 I hope the program continues to gain widespread support and funding so that all children with disabilities can feel a part of a team and prosper in a safe and supportive community.”



“My name is Claire. I am 14 years old.  I am a PlayerMentor with Brothers Rugby Union Club.

I love being out on my mum’s friends farm and helping with the mustering of cattle.  This Christmas holidays I also supported Buy from the Bush and helped with customer service at their pop-up store in New Farm.

I love being part of MRP because I get to play a game of Rugby while helping other MRP Players have fun.

Last year I was also involved in the GingerCloud Work Experience Program at Ruggers Restaurant, where I helped prepare and serve the meals for GingerCloud Foundation’s Fundraiser Dinner.  It taught me to be a great leader, stay on task and not daydream.

I have found my tribe in the MRP, where I can be me!”



“Hi my name is Rosie Scarlett. I am 19 years old and I’m studying at TAFE this year. I’m doing a Cert II in kitchen operations so that I can get a job as a sous chef or work at a cafe or restaurant.

 I joined the Modified Rugby Program 3 years ago as a player so that I could be involved in a team sport and to increase my social network.  I am part of a great team and we have formed friendships outside of MRP. Our mums are also great friends and love getting together as well. Through MRP I have also had the chance to do some work experience in the kitchen at Ruggers Restaurant at the Brothers Rugby Union Club which I really loved. 


There are so many families at MRP that are able to play now and not be excluded. It doesn’t matter what level of ability anyone is because all levels are catered for. The mentors are amazing at encouraging everyone to have a go. By allowing all abilities to play sport it changes people’s ideas on what is allowed and what can be achieved.  I love playing at MRP because it allows me to meet a lot of new people and be part of a large community. This year I have been asked to join the mentoring group which is so very awesome.


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