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Leadership Thursday: Consistent Behaviour and Listening



A shout out to our PlayerMentors who are getting stuck into the GingerCloud Leadership Program towards learning the ins and out of our specifically developed rugby game for girls and boys with learning and perceptual disabilities, and putting it into practice. The PlayerMentors learnt Consistent Behaviour last week (Week 1) and were taught the importance of Listening this week, presented via video by our very own MRP Ambassador Tim Horan.


Gareth Smith, Project Lead of the MRP PlayerMentor Alumni Project (to be launched 23 June at our End of Season Carnival) provided an insight into what the Leadership Program is all about.


 “The GingerCloud Leadership Program is a program designed to educate the PlayerMentors involved in the MRP in life-leadership skills. It is a key element to the success of our PlayerMentor Coaches,” says Gareth.


“It is a 10-week program targeted at the PlayerMentors delivered by micro-learning videos and reflective questions to develop their communication and leadership skills that leads to a greater understanding.


“The Program helps them with the skills they need to be a leader both on and off the rugby field,” Gareth continues.


To motivate our PlayerMentors and to allow our MRP family to get an insight into our Leadership Program, we have chosen our ‘Response of the Week’! Please read below one of our awesome PlayerMentor’s response to which consistent behaviours they will be focusing on both on and off the field this season:


1. Being fun, encouraging and supportive while still being firm and making sure my player understands that training is a time to learn and develop. I chose these aspects as I want my player to be able to have fun being a part of a team and playing a sport as well as knowing that he is learning and gaining new skills.

2. Being patient with my player and helping him through tasks that he finds difficult. I chose patience as I believe that it is one of the primary qualities a leader needs to have and I aspire to be a person that my player can look up to and feel comfortable around.


A friendly reminder for all our PlayerMentors to complete their Week 1 questions before the end of the weekend as your coach will quiz you on them at training next week – so get ready!


Happy Thursday from the MRP Team!

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