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MRP Players

MRP Players


The MRP is for girls and boys with a learning and perceptual disability.

We are supported by a group of Allied Health Professionals who work with us to help assess your child’s fit for the MRP.  For them to do this we need you to let us know how we can support your child with their:

  •          sensitivities to any of the five senses
  •          differences in a child or young person’s ability to pay attention and remain attentive to activities and instructions
  •          diversity in communication skills
  •          differences in social skills
  •          variance in proprioceptive development
  •          physical wellbeing, movement and gross motor skills

We also use this information to best match a child with their own PlayerMentor for the season as well as modifying any skills and drills.

Please be assured any information you provide here will only be used by the allied health professionals to review your child’s readiness to participate in MRP and to develop on-the-field strategies that will assist the MRP coaching staff.


If you’d like to get your son or daughter involved as an MRP Player at one of our participating Rugby Clubs please complete your registraton with MRP:

Once you have submitted your registration we’ll then get in touch and chat with you about your child’s specific needs. If your child is suitable for the MRP and we’ve confirmed there’s a spot available at your preferred Club, you then need to register online directly with the Club:


MRP Divisions

MRP Junior

• Aged between 7-13 years.

•  Individually paired with a PlayerMentor.

• Boys and girls.


MRP Colts

• Aged between 14-19 years.

•  Individually paired with a PlayerMentor.

• Boys and girls.


MRP 7’s

•  Aged between 8 and above (Viva 7s model).

•  Previously participated in MRP Original or MRP Colts.

•  Supportive team environment with PlayerMentors.

• Boys and girls.


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