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Becoming a PlayerMentor for an MRP Player at your local rugby club provides an exciting opportunity and very rewarding experience for boys or girls between the ages of 13-24 interested in making difference to a child who may never have played a team sport before.

To learn more about what it means to be a PlayerMentor, here’s a great video!


PlayerMentors apply to be part of the MRP via and an Expression Of Interest (see link below) The process involves a series of questions and a Video.

Once assessed, successful PlayerMentors register online through the relevant Club as Non Playing Volunteers if they are not already a registered player.

What is involved in being a PlayerMentor?

  •          You will be paired with an MRP Player for the whole season.
  •          One training session and one game per week.
  •          Playing an exhibition match at half time at a major game at your club.
  •          Playing an exhibition match at half time at a major stadium. (Brisbane and Toowoomba teams play at Suncorp Stadium)
  •          Access to the GingerCloud Leadership program delivered by Wallaby Legends Nathan Sharp, Tim Horan and Steve Moore. Click here for more details.
  •          A Leadership event and on field training session with Wallaby Legends Nathan Sharp, Tim Horan, Steve Moore and Andrew Ready.

Which MRP division if right for you?

MRP Original

  •          Aged between 13-17 years.
  •          Individually paired with a PlayerMentor.
  •          Male and female

MRP Colts

  •          Aged between 18-24 years.
  •          Individually paired with a PlayerMentor.
  •          Male and female.

MRP 7’s

  •          Aged between 14 and above (Viva 7s model).
  •          Supportive team environment with PlayerMentors.
  •          Male and female.

PlayerMentors are required to be available for all dates on the MRP Calendar. PlayerMentors are paired for the whole season with an MRP Player who will develop a close bond with you and become very dependent on you at each training session and game


Register your MRP Account to be a PlayerMentor - Click Here