Blog posts of '2019' 'February'

Watch Tim Nicholls MP’s 3mins speech about GingerCloud and the MRP in Parliament

On Thursday 14th of February, Tim Nicholls MP made a wonderful speech about GingerCloud Foundation and the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) in Parliament.


UQ is hosting the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) in 2019

Every day young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities are reminded about what they cannot do, rather than celebrated for what they can do. At GingerCloud Foundation, our Modified Rugby Program (MRP) recognises every young adults’ potential and creates a place, through rugby clubs, where they can experience success in a fun, supportive environment. 

Queensland Reds' Fan Day

What a day! Thank you to the Queensland Reds for inviting the MRP to be a part of their Fan Day on Sunday morning, 3 February, at Ballymore.