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Essential GingerCloud Foundation Modified Rugby Program (MRP) Information



Whether you are an MRP Player, PlayerMentor, family member or supporter of our MRP community, make sure you Click Here! to learn essential information about why we developed GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP).

For anyone interested in being part of our community to powe...
Meet 3 awesome GingerCloud MRP Women!

GingerCloud Foundation Modified Rugby Program (MRP) celebrated International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March.

So, to celebrate International Women’s Day with our GingerCloud MRP Community, we want to introduce you to three awesome women within the GingerCloud Foundation. 

These three young women are making an impact on the world we live in, a deep, long lasting one that will be felt by others for years.

True leadership means to inspire, to encourage, and to support through not only your words, but your actions.  These women certainly do that.

These amazing women are everything that makes GingerCloud successful.

Our focus is on sharing girls, boys and young adults with Autism, Aspergers and learning and perceptual disabilities greatness, not their limitations.

The sun was shining on our 2021 Community Welcome Day!

The sun was shining and the fields were prepped for our 2021 GingerCloud MRP Community Welcome Day Mini Carnival.

Our MRP Tribe arrived Sunday morning with huge smiles, laced up footy boots and the desire to get out on the field and play some rugby - the game we all love.

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Rugby now a place for all children!

Here’s a great article in this week’s South East Advertiser about the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) at Easts Tigers this season.

The Modified Rugby Program (MRP) …. not just for boys!

Little Lucia Sandstrom’s dreams came true at the weekend.

The Modified Rugby Program Documentary

We’ve gone from often feeling very much alone to now truly being part of our community.

“Footy for Everyone” Today Show MRP Half Time at Suncorp Stadium

We could have hardly imagined 12 weeks ago that this would have been possible as the MRP is the first time that many of the children had ever played a team sport.

Oliver Scores his Dream!

Oliver Scores his Dream!

A fantastic shot of Ollie from the MRP West’s Junior Rugby Club on the front page of The Satellite.

Thank-you to Ollie, his parents, and everyone from The Satellite! It’s fantastic to see so much community support for the MRP.


Channel 9 visits the Modified Rugby Program Pilot at Brothers

As you can see from the story, everyone, including the parents, were pretty excited.

Wallaby Legend Nathan Sharpe steps in to play for the MRP Reds

As we were a player down, he jumped in to fill in for the MRP Red team. Whilst the Blue Team was initially a little concerned, Nathan demonstrated his legendary sportsmanship by ensuring the game was evenly balanced.