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Profile: Easts MRP 7s Plus Coach Reilly Hourigan



It is hard to believe the Easts MRP Team will be finishing the season next week (however MRP 7s and MRP 7s Plus continue into August). We are so proud of all the progress we have seen from our MRP Players, PlayerMentors and Coaches. We sat down with Easts MRP 7s Plus Coach Reilly Hourigan to f...

Thank you for supporting our dream of belonging
Our children deserve a place where they belong just like everyone else. To achieve this, we need to work together to modify things a bit so that our communities have the capacity to create true belonging.
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The countdown is on! The GingerCloud Foundation is aiming to raise enough funds to have each of the current Modified Rugby Program (MRP) Coaches fully funded for the 2020 season before June 30.